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Bradley Martyn is a social media star who runs several fitness channels and maintains an active following on all of them. He started the journey as just your average guy trying to make it big in Hollywood, but now has become one tough competitor with more than 2 million YouTube subscribers!


Bradley Martyn was born on the 22nd of May, 1989 in California. He spent his early years without much fanfare as an unfortunate pawn to fate when his father committed suicide and mother became overwhelmed with grief over it all, but then everything changed for him again – this time transforming into a serious yet sturdy individual who brought joy everywhere he went thanks largely due to how strong-willed kids can be at such young ages (and Bradley had always been something special).


Bradley Martyn started his fitness journey early at the age of 14 when he began training in a gym. There, with this slow development and steady progression was where Bradley developed not only physical strength but also an understanding of how nutrition can improve one’s performance level as well; all while being guided by experts who have been there before you even think about it!

Merely 4 years after founding BMFit—in January 2006–Bradley launched another successful project: BME Fitness Program which provides training routines along with nutritional supplemental guidance for people struggling to find a balance between both worlds (heck yeah!).


Bradley is the founder of Zoo Culture Gym, an organization that promotes fitness and strength in animals. He also owns Origin Supplements and BMFIT Gear to help him achieve his goals for bodybuilding as well! In 2012 he became CEO at AlphaCre8tivedesigns where they create amazing designs with animal graphics all day long.


Even though he began his journey in January 2006, he launched his own channel eight years later to start posting content related only to workouts! Currently, Bradley has more than 886 videos which have reached over 355 million views so far along with 2-million subscribers on it since its creation; these are just some samples of what you can find if browsing through the different categories available including beginner routines for chest/arms or legs as well as bench press exercises like pull-ups. And not to mention all those challenges put out there too…


Bradley has a second Youtube channel as well where he posts video podcasts every Thursday. This particular series of the Culture Cast was created in September 2017 with over 2 million views so far!


Bradley opened his own gym in California with two of the best friends he has ever had. He had always wanted to design, build and run a business that was all about health for people just like them- this time though it would be on their own terms!


Bradley Martyn has never been associated with any type of controversy. He’s made a clean appearance and also doesn’t have anything surrounding him that would give someone pause about his character or reputation before they’ve even gotten to know the man himself in depth.

He seems like your average Joe – straight, without being involved romantically at all; not discussing past relationships publicly.


Fitness coach Bradley Martyn is one of the few YouTube celebrities who has managed to make a career out of their videos. He has an estimated net worth of $1 million, and he earned most from managing his companies and ads on this platform before taxes.

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