Andrew Knapp

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Andrew Knapp is a photographer from Canada who loves taking photos of himself and his dog Momo in Ontario. Whether on the side of the road, in nature, or just wandering around town for hours, he will take as many pictures because every day seems to bring something new! Not surprisingly, Momo enjoys being photographed too. He’s an adorable brown-eyed border collie with tons of personality that you can see from each photo Andrew takes him out to explore the world – plus, they make great company since their journeys are always exciting together! 


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Their adventures were so amazing that they couldn’t help but share them with the world. Now their travels have been compiled into five books, each one more exciting than the last!


Andrew has been all over the world together with Momo. He is a serial traveler who loves to share their adventures on Instagram, where he posts stunning travel photos and videos of himself traveling around the globe with his furry companion. His cute and funny Momo search images have attracted more than 600 thousand followers on Instagram. 


The designer and photographer, Andrew Knapp, never fails to make people smile with his atmospheric and surprising shots of Momo, who always sneaks into the picture somewhere before Andrew presses the shutter release. Whether hidden between tree trunks or in the snow, on country roads or department stores, there’s always that chance you’ll find him somewhere unexpected if you take time for some exploration. Sometimes you can see it straight away, but in other cases, it almost blends in with the landscape, and you have to look very carefully to discover it. 


Momo enjoys playing hide and seek, and when his owner throws sticks, he runs over and stays there, where he likes to hide behind trees and the like until found. For the photos, Momo can sit still for up to 10 minutes when Andrew gives him the order. 


Andrew Knapp is particularly known for his best-selling photobook series “Go Find Momo,” documenting the travels of him and his Momo.  


The photobook is beautifully designed and offers more than just pictures. You can find some information about Momo and Andrew Knapp, as well the story behind how the photos were taken, which are pleasing to read through.  In the end, the resolutions can be found in case you couldn’t spot the cute dog in a photo. “Go Find Momo” is a wonderfully illustrated book for the whole family. Kids and adults alike will have an adventure looking tirelessly for the lovable dog in all the pictures and, of course, trying to be faster than the others. Even if you already know where Momo is, somehow, you still like to look at the pictures and admire the composition.


Sadly, after a long and wonderful life on this planet of ours, Momo passed away in 2021. His owner Andrew Knapp has given us the gift of sharing his daily adventures with both those he actually met during his travels as well as millions who simply followed along to see what became of him; it was undoubtedly made brighter by having such an amazing dog like Momo enrich their lives for years.

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