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Amber Fillerup Clark is a mom influencer of 3 kids—Atticus, Rosie, Frankie. She is married to David Clark. Amber Fillerup Clark is well-known for her great feed with her kids. Amber has always had the passion for traveling and exploring new things and places. Even though she’s traveled to almost thirty countries around the world she still admits that the best feeling is returning back home – Arizona, home sweet home. The little familiar things in life are some of the most significant and meaningful things  thinks make up life.


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Hanging out in the pool with her kids, going hiking with her husband and just chilling in her bathtub are some of the simple things Amber Fillerup Clark  cherishes in life. Home is where the most important people in her life are. Her home is Arizona, which inspired the haircare line Dae that Amber Fillerup Clark founded. Dae products bring together many of the elements of what make Arizona Arizona – whether it’s the scent of orange blossoms, beautiful sunset colors and natural, nourishing ingredients coming from the Arizonian deserts. 

Due to her blond hair and overall fashion style, Amber Fillerup named clip-on her hair extensions collection Barefoot Blonde. Her goal with this collection is to prove that haircare does not have to be expensive or complicated. 

Amber Fillerup Clark’s Instagram account has 1.3M followers. The Mom influencer shares snippets from the beautiful life she has with her lovely family like her kids straight outta the hoswer running around in the tini tiny robes or her making fresh orange juice in the kitchen while the kids are piled up next to her. Other than sharing her thoughts and coming into an almost direct communication with her followers, Amber Fillerup also occasionally shares artsy and promotional content of both her haircare collection as well clip-on hair extension collection.


Amber Fillerup also has a YouTube channel, where she in a way documents and shares her life stories with her 218K subscribers. Amber went from a broke college student to a well-known influencer. The fundamentals of her success other than her personality and unique entrepreneurial ideas are her ability to comprehend what makes influencer marketing work so well. To put it simply, she pays specific attention to not only the content of the photo as in who or what is in it or the colors of the photos but to the most important factor which is the vibe of the overall post. And a lot of it can come simply from the lighting and the shades of the photo which kind of give an engagement feels like the sunset vibes in the fields with loose bohemian outfits. Those seem to come across as the most relatable and heartwarming pieces of content to a large majority of the followers. And Amber is well aware of that.

Her channel features her daily lifestyle, home decor, and hairstyling tips, through her brand Dae hair. Fun fact: the name is actually inspired from the sun’s rhythms. As in, it’s meant to put emphasis on the beautiful times of the day that we simply do not take enough notice of like sunrise, dawn and sunset.

 If you want to find inspiration and love, Amber Fillerup is your girl.

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