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Alisha Marie Mc Donald is a go-getter who has become a startling fashion guru over the years. She had a hard time uploading her first video on YouTube because of a lack of confidence in herself. It was a matter of difficulty for her to stand tall against bullies who held grudges against women for beautifying themselves. Her problems with self-doubt added to her nervousness to become the new star. With such issues coming her way, she succumbed to her self-deprecating thoughts and kept her talent of taking on the world to herself for a while. It was a bit laborious in the beginning to stand out in the crowd of other beauty gurus.


Having a knack for fashion and makeup, Alisha soon understood that working as a full-time Youtuber is her forte. After her encounter with people who inspired her to start her Youtube channel, she began getting positive feedback for her work and overcame her insecurities. Her joyous nature was welcomed with great elation among people. From hesitancy around her skills to making videos that inspired women, she became an example for all those who suffered from feelings of distress and provided validation to those in need of it. 


Alisha’s YouTube channel has gripping content, which has mostly to do with inspiring women to become more confident. With her makeup tutorials, she leads women to feel comfortable in their own skin. Alisha gives away some affordable fashion hacks that attract middle-class women and make them feel accepted in this high-end fashion world. Her podcasts invite many fellow YouTubers to talk about their lives and the challenges they face outside of YouTube. She also has a knack for decorating her room, the tips of which she gives on her YouTube channel. Alisha is often seen vlogging with another Youtuber Eva Gutowski that increases the view count. She has some amazing DIY videos that could make your life a lot easier. 


Alisha got into the Youtube sphere in April 2008 but didn’t upload any video until after three years of joining the channel. She wasn’t all this bubbly before, and not much is known about her early life except that she was always into helping women be independent. She uploaded her first video in January 2011. Two of her videos, titled “Funny Pranks” and “Room Mate wars,” were viewed more than 25 million times. She appeared on a tele-series (Guidance) where she played the role of Ashley.


Alisha was born in April 1993 in California. She is the youngest of the two daughters of Christine and Jeffery. She also has a brother named Mathew. She has her own merchandise that you can check out on her website. Ashley has 8.2 million subscribers on Youtube, 3.6 million followers on Instagram, 4.9 million followers on Twitter, and about 464,000 on Tik Tok. Her fans are known as Macbbys, who follow her religiously everywhere. This fandom has brought many women to follow in her footsteps and helped them come out of their comfort zones. With her beauty and wit, she is unlike any other influencer. She has an authenticity that speaks volumes about her.


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