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Alex Wassabi, aka Alex Burris, is one of the most celebrated YouTubers who has amassed incredible fame over the years. He was diagnosed with ADHD in middle school, making it difficult for him to focus without getting distracted. This stayed with him for the years to come and caused immense distress amongst his family and him. He had low self-esteem growing up and didn’t make friends until after he was six years old. He also announced taking a break from Youtube, saying that he felt less creative. Getting succeeded as an influencer wasn’t a cakewalk for him, and it sure did raise some eyebrows, which had him rethink his decisions.


 Behind his success lies all the lows that he stood tall against. Alex availed himself of the benefits of what he got labeled with. His short attention span and hyperactivity caused him to become resilient and creative. He didn’t bow down before his disorder and led by being an example for all those suffering from similar problems. It was his continuous efforts into making people happy that he thought of using his imagination for creating content that keeps millions of us entertained. With his belief in humanity and compassion, he won hearts.


On his Youtube channel, Alex reaches out to viewers by providing unequaled content. He creates videos that keep people enthralled. He runs a channel based on comedy, parody, and funny videos. He made parodies of top artists along with his Filipino friend Roy which blew up the internet. With a parody on Call Me Maybe, he still continues to receive appreciation from people for it. His content centered around Lip-syncs, dance videos and funny videos. For the following years, he broadened his horizons on Social media by making personal videos that talk about life with his family and friends. He dropped his first music video, My side, in 2017. 


Before fame, Alex was a reserved kid and only started exploring his talents by making videos with his friend, Roy that he met in middle school, Durham. His first publicly available content was a 6 second Vine video that he uploaded on the 1st of May 2013. Alex, having tested the waters of becoming famous, he and Roy launched a Youtube channel, “Wassabi Productions.” Later, Roy took a flight from this collaboration to further his gaming career. With enough control on his channel, Alex renamed it Wassabi. His success in entertainment was certain by then. He has played some roles in various web series as well.


Alex Burris was born in Montana on 28th March 1990. His father, Adam Burris, a businessman, and his mother, Maribel Burris, a housewife, has two more sons, Andrew and Aaron, and a daughter named Mariah. Success runs in his family, with his brothers famous as well. Alex dated Youtuber Lauran Riihimaki for three years before calling it quits in September 2018. He then dated a Mexican Youtuber, CaeLike, shortly after ending the relationship. His current girlfriend is a singer, Lexy Panterra, with who he makes videos. Alex has 11.5 million subscribers on YouTube , 3.5 million followers on Instagram, and 154,000 million followers on TikTok.


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