Albert Spencer Aretz


Little did the 11-year old boy from New Jersey know what was in store for him when he stumbled upon a gaming platform called “Roblox“. We are talking about AlbertsStuff and its founder Albert Spencer Aretz. Albert, as we know, is the famous YouTuber, Roblox Role Player, and comedian behind the Youtube channels “AlbertsStuff” and “Flamingo”.


Sadly, in 2017, Albert had to leave his successful YouTube channel “AlbertsStuff”. The reason was losing money from videos that were demonetized due to the use of profanity. Just a year back, the popularity of the video blog “AlbertsStuff” hit an all-time high and had roughly 10 million viewers who would watch anything he published on the main page.


Albert promptly apologized when it became public knowledge. But of no vain. Ever since then, there has been a steady decline in viewers coming back each day. The sad state did not let Albert lose heart. The determined guy was used to reinventing his craft as he had done something similar years ago.  


His first account Crimson0 was banned for spamming by Roblox. He then went on to create another account with his real name. The same account was later used to create the  AlbertsStuff channel. From 2m, the numbers have decreased to just under 83.9k thousand due to controversy.


Talking about AlbertsStuff, it was a satirical series where Albert role-played the worst online dating scenarios in Roblox while playing different characters with his friends. Throughout his videos, he often created new roles and relationships for these alternate worlds, including a little comedic relief. This was to ensure the series doesn’t get stale too quickly while following along with what’s popular at any given moment. What set this channel apart from other channels was that it is child-friendly and suited for children of all ages


After leaving AlbertsStuff, He created “Flamingo”. On Flamingo, it is just him talking about games like Roblox for hours at a time. Over the past few years, this channel has grown substantially, with 9.34 million subscribers and 6.7 billion views as of 18th August 2021. And there is no stopping for him now.


Albert has come a long way from acting childish on camera, raging and screaming to a much responsible Youtuber. He now ensures not to use inappropriate or cursing language which might hurt someone’s sentiments. Apart from YouTube, the talented guy has a massive following of 952k on Instagram. He can be seen sharing moments of his personal life on the platform. Twitter is another platform he is active on. He uses the platform to share his thoughts on all things worldly. 


In his 24 years, AlbertsStuff has accumulated a massive following on the video streaming platform. He spends his time on YouTube engaging with the community by posting content that displays his creativity through videos of playing in-game as various characters from other games


Albert now lives with his girlfriend, Kirsten in Florida; she is a YouTuber and active Twitch streamer. They have two dogs: Bedrock and Peach. Albert Ponce is a very active, athletic man who loves skateboarding and food. He posts videos on Twitter showing off his skating skills as well as the tricks he can do with them. In college days Albert used to eat at least 5,000 calories in order to keep up with all this exercise but now it has slowed down slightly. 

So, if you are in need of some laughs or are just curious about what it looks like from inside Alberts’ head as he plays the roleplaying games on there, then following him is probably worth your while. After watching one video with him playing Roblox, you might even find that you want to try out this addictive game yourself!

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