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Akin Akman was born on April 20, 1987, in Miami, Florida. 

Akin Akman is fun-loving, model and fitness trainer who became the in demand SoulCycle instructor for New York’s top socialites. He was featured on several magazine covers as well as participated in different campaigns and has been modeling for brands like Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger, he also modeled internationally.


When he was just a little boy, his mother used to dress him up and take pictures of him. This is how it all started for the modeling world’s newest heartthrob: At only eight years old! The infant grew into adulthood living and growing up in Izmir, Turkey before moving back home where people knew what kind of success awaited them with their handsome faces and figures.


On August 24, 2015, as a part of promotion of a famous brand Tommy Hilfiger, Akin Akman and Rafael Nadal played a game of “strip tennis” at Global Brand Ambassadorship which was at Bryant Park, located in New York City. 


Before becoming famous Akin Akman grew up training to be a professional tennis player at the IMG Academy, but he was forced into shelving those dreams after he had herniated two discs in his back. However young Akin did not give up at that moment and after lots of intensive physical therapies, finally he was able to get back to his favorite hobby and achieve his goals and dreams. After his recovery he attended Florida Atlantic University on a tennis scholarship and studied graphic design, also Akman studied sports medicine.


Akin was one of SoulCycle’s instructors. SoulCycle is an indoor cycling class that features high-intensity cardio, muscle-sculpting strength training, and rhythm-based choreography. Akin Akman, a former tennis player, began teaching at Soul in 2009 despite being reluctant to take on the role of coach. “ I wanted to be a number one athlete, the star – not the coach, and I saw that as a negative thing”, he told Business of Fashion in early 2017. “But I had to take advantage of all of these skills that I had worked towards my whole life, it started building so organically, that I was teaching things I had been since I was a child”. 


In order to create his own, Akin left SoulCycle. He wrote on his Instagram “ I want to thank the entire SoulCycle team and community for being such a solid part of my journey during this important chapter. It has been an honor to coach so many passionate athletes, and to be a part of such a strong culture. However, my philosophy in life and in my brand is constant progress. It is that unrelenting faith in your ability to create. It is to lead by example and this is my breakthrough to the next level…”.


Now Akin has his own fitness studio called “AARMY”, which has an Instagram account aarmy with over 100K followers.


Akin Akman is also famous as akiniko, which is the nickname of his Instagram account akiniko. On Instagram Akin has about 74K followers. 


Akin is married to a creative director, designer and stylist Necat Akman. Her Instagram account is necan_akman. Akin and Necat have a daughter, who’s name is Naya. 


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