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Payton Moormeier is a Tik Toker turned Singer whose young age makes him all the more interesting to talk about. At such a volatile age, he had to read news about his death propagated online. Yes, you heard it right. You may ask why someone so young would be tormented with such a heinous rumor. The answer is rooted in the fact of there being a lot of haters who’d rather claim him dead than accept his success. In addition to such pre-existing hatred, he has to keep up with everything an adult needs to deal with. Popularity can do more harm than good, and Payton found it challenging to adjust to the new lifestyle that he had to adopt in the beginning.


While Payton was no ordinary kid growing up, he knew his way around the problems. This helped him deal with the nuisance that online presence brings with it. He was a little jittery with posting his songs online and was self-conscious about it. His fans assisted him in growing out of the phase of insecurities and made him believe in himself for the potential that he has of changing the world. His capacity to turning the tables makes him quirky. He defied the world and proved that age is just a number. He has become popular on his own merits. His lip-sync videos and dance videos are incredibly unique in their style of delivery.


Payton has a distinctive manner of creating his content all across his social media handles which gives him the leverage of getting more views than anyone of his age. He makes collaborative lip-syncs and dance videos with his friends Jaden Hossler, Avani Gregg, and Anthony Reeves. Most of his videos use songs from Shawn Mendes, who he looks up to for his music. In 2019, he participated against Tayson Madkour and Jaden Hossler in a challenge of wall fame. In one of his online videos, he featured Anthony Reeves titled “Anthony teaching me his ways.”


Payton started his Tik Tok journey by being part of a group named “Jr Elite,” which he cut ties with after the summer of 2017. Since that day, he worked on building up his profile on Tik Tok, which he did a fantastic job at. His Tik Tok got verified on 29 April 2017. He worked his way up to becoming a singer and dropping his first single song, “Love Letter,” in April 2020. He hasn’t stopped making music since then and has many hits on his list of songs. His fame has been on the rise since day one and hasn’t made his success go to his head. In addition to his talents, being grounded is what has garnered him such liking.


Payton was born on the 28th of July 2003 in Georgia, USA. His mother, Joanne, has been very supportive of his performing arts. He grew up with his younger sister, Faith. About his love life, he dated another famous Tik Toker Cierra Birdsong.” He has about 13 million people subscribed to his YouTube channel at present, with 4.6 million followers on Instagram. 


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