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Top 10 Chinese YouTubers Everyone Is Talking About

When it comes to content creation in the Asian region, Chinese YouTubers are taking an important position in the limelight. YouTube is everyone’s go-to platform for information, entertainment, and education. This has brought people from all over the world a lot closer to each other. 

These content creators with top Chinese YouTube channels create content that informs the world about Chinese culture, heritage, and art. And most importantly, they entertain and educate the domestic population with astonishing ease and empathy. You can fish out great recipes to surprise your family with dinner tonight, or you may want to know some latest fashion trends, as they have got it all.

So whether you’re looking for good Chinese influencers or YouTubers to research something or just want to know more about your favorite ones, this article will mention some of the best content creators. 

Check out these fantastic Asian YouTubers that are bringing in the most views and subscribers with their entertaining and relatable content: 

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Bedless Noob

Niche: Gamer, YouTuber

Brands they’ve worked with: Genshin Impact, Badlion Cape, Monster Legends, 

Facts about them

Bedless Noob’s real name is not known.

He was born on January 14, 2003, in China.

Personal Life:

This nineteen-year-old Chinese YouTuber brought a one-of-a-kind show for Minecraft fans and gamers all over the world. At this age, it’s not surprising that he has not revealed a lot about himself on the internet. He is currently a student and a gaming enthusiast who uploads gameplay videos, gadget recommendations, and sponsorships for different video games. 

Though, he recently did a face reveal that brought in followers and views in a substantial amount, becoming one of the most famous Chinese YouTubers. Currently, he has over 529k subscribers on his channel. His first video, “lol I comboed this guy, and he just started calling me hax,” did a great job on YouTube when it debuted in 2019. 

Net Worth: Not known.


Tingting ASMR

Niche: Masseuse, YouTuber, Digital Content Creator

Brands they’ve worked with: ASMR Chinese Herbal Shop

Facts about them:

She was born on December 1, 1991, in China.

Her Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius. 

Personal Life:

Known for making relaxing massage videos and sleep tutorial videos, this Chinese YouTuber goes by the alias Tingting ASMR. Not much is known about this content creator; however, she makes her presence quite visible over the internet. Her Instagram usually contains gorgeous pictures of her and her fashion influence. She also comes online over Twitch, where she does reviews and music videos.

Tingting has a good follower base on her social media, such as Instagram with 76k followers, YouTube with 604 subscribers, and Twitch with 10.4k followers. She’s a trained ASMR practitioner and provides relaxing and sleep-inducing massage videos on YouTube. The most popular video with over 30k views is titled ‘[ASMR] Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Sounds.’

Net Worth: Not known.


Strictly Dumpling

Niche: Food Blogger, YouTuber

Brands they’ve worked with: Athletic Greens, Magic Spoon

Facts about them:

He was born on December 22, 1980, in Xi’an, China.

Cheng grew up in the United States. 

His sun sign is Saggitarius.

His YouTube has 4.04M subscribers. 

Personal Life:

If you have seen Strictly Dumpling’s videos, you must have gotten your mouth watery. The operator and the channel host, Mike Cheng, roams around China and, well, the world to bring the reviews of the best and most vibrant cuisines out there. 

Mike Cheng also runs a mystery and paranormal channel, Beyond Science, and another food channel on YouTube called ‘Pho The Love of Culinary.’ However, the majority of his success comes from Strictly Dumplings. Being one of the most successful Chinese YouTubers, he has huge merchandise on the channel where his shop sells t-shirts, mugs, and other collectibles. 

Net Worth: $1.5 Million


Steven He

Niche: Comedian, YouTuber, Martial Artist 

Brands they’ve worked with: NA

Facts about them:

He was born on December 31, 1996, in Shenzhen, China.

His Sun Sign is Capricorn.

He currently lives in New York, USA.

He is an Irish citizen.

Personal Life:

If you are a fan of YouTube content, vertical videos, or meme culture in general, you must have seen a famous montage of a Chinese man saying ‘emotional damage!’ in between videos. That infamous man is Steven He. He is a comedy sketch creator on his YouTube, where he plays several characters himself to create jokes. 

Shortly after he was born, he moved to New York. He did his acting school there at Neighborhood Playhouse. He also did BA in acting and global theatres from Regent’s University London. Moreover, this famous Chinese YouTuber is featured in Awkwafina, Comedy Central’s show.

Net Worth: $10 Million 



Niche: Youtuber

Brands they’ve worked with: NA

Facts about them:

Laowhy86 is a YouTube channel run by Matthew Tye. 

On December 27, 1986, he was born in New York, USA.

His sun sign is Capricorn.

Personal Life:

Matt moved to China ten years ago from Long Island, California, and married a Chinese woman who lives in Huizhou. Considered among the top Chinese YouTubers, Matt makes videos that are based on educating Chinese culture, politics, and foreign relations. His other channel AVDChina is about motorcycle riding videos while interacting with Serpentza. 

Before Laowhy86 and getting involved with Chinese authoritarians to promote their propaganda, Matt ran his English Instruction Centre under the name Mocha American. Since he started this channel on 21 April 2012, he has been among the best Chinese Vloggers, with 840k subscribers on YouTube. He also starred in the tv show Conquering Southern China. 

Net Worth: $1.5 Million.


Maggie Zhu

Niche: Digital Content Creator, YouTuber

Brands they’ve worked with: NA

Facts about them:

Maggie’s YouTube channel’s name is Omnivore’s Cookbook. 

Maggie was born in Beijing, China. 

She moved to Austin, Texas, in 2015. 

Personal Life:

Maggie’s love for cooking and family background with a historical passion for cooking tempted her into starting her channel on YouTube called Omnivore’s Cookbook. She’s a versatile content creator, based in New York currently with her husband Thomas, developing/rescuing a variety of recipes and writing blogs. She also considers herself a photographer, as she handles all her photography and videography herself. 

One of the most influential Chinese YouTubers, Maggie is also a social media giant, where her prominence is dominated by fashion tips, beauty tips, travel blogs, and lifestyle content. Her food Instagram features a mouth-watering wall filled with close-up shots of delicious cuisines she prepared herself. And another of her Instagram accounts, @magzzhu, is about fashion. 

Net Worth: Not Known.


Li Jiaqi

Niche: Beauty Influencer, Livestreamer

Brands they’ve worked with: L’Oreal

Facts about them:

Li Jiaqi’s full name is Austin Li Jiaqi.

He was born in Yueyang, Hunan province. China.

He lives in Shanghai.

Personal Life:

Probably the wealthiest influencer out there, Li’s prowess in selling lipsticks got fans swooning over him and competitors fearing. Austin Li Jiaqi is a live streamer who tests beauty products and recommends on live streaming platforms like Taobao, TikTok, and Weibo. Li once sat through a seven-hour-long stream where he tried hundreds of lipsticks. 

His highly relatable content got him the nickname ‘lipstick king’ among his followers. After facing criticism for being a boy and trying on beauty products, he came through with flying colors in billions of dollars and millions of followers on social media. His catchphrases are one of the most sellable points about his streams, like ‘OMG Sisters, buy this!’

Net Worth: $10–20 million per month. 



Niche: Language Mentor Channel, YouTuber

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about them

Chinesepod was started on Joined 14 Aug 2014. 

They currently have 204k subscribers. 

Their highest views have reached 10,156,131 views. 

Personal Life:

If one wants to learn all things Chinese, the collection of hundreds of videos on the Mandarin language, Chinese culture, and traditions can help. Besides YouTube, Chinesepod also provides classes through Audio lessons, mobile apps, exercises, pronunciation, and dialogue. This is one of the most famous Chinese YouTube channels which also provides private lessons. 

In 2004, three pioneers got together in Shanghai, Ken Carroll, Hank Horkoff, and Steve Williams, to come up with the idea of this channel and provide the information to learn basic Chinese to people who were new there. However, in 2012, the Bigfoot ventures got hold of this business and extended its working to other languages. 

Net Worth: NA



Niche: Fashion Influencer, YouTuber

Brands they’ve worked with: NA

Facts about them: 

Savislook is the alias of Savi Sala. 

Savi was born on July 6, 1992, in China.

Her sun sign is cancer. 

Her YouTube has 217k subscribers.

Personal Life

Savi Sala’s gorgeous look might get her viewers to open her videos, but her talent and content get them hooked in the first place. The fashion influencer drags out all the fashion taboos and advice out into the open with her 10-minute long videos. 

In addition to fashion and makeup, she uploads lifestyle videos, routine, culinary, workout videos, and more. Moreover, this twenty-nine-year-old has a majestic Instagram wall, with her portraits of fashion and beauty ranking her higher in the followers game every day. She currently has 257k followers on Instagram. She also has a merch shop where she shows off her collection and sells them. 

Net Worth:  $1.5 Million


It’s no wonder that our lives won’t be the same without YouTube or its amazing creators. The Chinese YouTubers who have dedicated their time and effort to garner the sea of followers go through many challenges to bring out the content for us. Despite facing a lot of criticism, they emerge victorious and more successful than before because of the other half of sensitive supporters. The moral of the story is that being friendly to content creators can help them boost their content quality and spirit while costing you nothing. 

Moreover, if you ever find yourself inspired enough to join the league and bring your content to the YouTube audience, you must give it a try; however, not without doing your due diligence first. This article will help you understand all the Chinese YouTubers out there and help you gather the intel you’ve sought. Hope this helped!