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Top Brazilian Influencers You Need to Follow

Becoming an influencer and putting your views out in the world is the new dream job. And while it may seem like a relatively new phenomenon, Brazil has been home to some of the world’s most successful influencers for years. If you’re looking for some inspiration and insights into Brazilian culture, you need to follow these top Brazilian influencers. They will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what’s happening in Brazil, from fashion and food to politics and travel.

So whether you’re planning a trip to Brazil or just want to learn more about this fascinating country, make sure to check out this article. We’ve compiled a list of the top Brazilians making waves on social media. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by the best of the best Brazilian influencers.

Lara Silva

Niche: Singing, Acting

Brands they’ve worked with:  Coca-Cola, Braun

Facts about Lara Silva: 

Lara was born in and brought up in Brazil. and is of Portuguese descent.

Lara Silva is a TikTok lip-sync sensation from Brazil who has amassed a significant fanbase.

Personal Life: 

Lara Silva hasn’t been acting professionally for long, but she’s already made a big impression in a short amount of time. Silva made her on-screen debut in 2016 and made several guest appearances until landing her big break in 2019 when she was cast as Eden in the television series The Chosen. 

Despite the fact that she was yet to appear on screen in 2021, she has a few projects in the works. Thus, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Lara, one of the most famous Brazilians, in the future.

Earnings: Lara has amassed a whopping net worth of $3 million.


Deolane Bezerra

Niche: Lawyer, Blogger

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about Deolane

Deolane Bezerra hails from Pernambuco, Brazil.

She was brought up in a typical Christian household.

Personal Life:

Deolane Bezerra is a well-known criminal lawyer, social media influencer, fashion enthusiast, and entrepreneur. The top Brazil model is also famous as Kevin’s loving wife. Kevin is a popular singer and musician who is most known for his funk music.

Deolane Bezerra began studying criminal law after graduating from high school. After completing her post-graduate studies in Criminal / Criminal Procedure, she began working on her job. Deolane is both a criminal defense attorney and a company owner. She is a lawyer who also owns and controls the Brazilian law business ‘Bezerra Advogados & Associados.’ With over 4.2 million Instagram followers, she is also one of the most exceptional Brazilian influencers.

Earnings: Bezerra has an estimated net worth ranging between $4 to 5 million.


Bruna Biancardi

Niche: Fashion

Brands they’ve worked with: Farm, Amaro

Facts about Bruna

Bruna was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The zodiac sign of the Brazilian IG model is Aries.

Personal Life: 

Bruna Biancardi studied fashion at the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi and has worked for a clothing firm for over eight years in marketing. She has over 600,000 Instagram followers and is a social media influencer. Bruna Biancardi has lately acquired notoriety after the rumors of her dating a football player.

Neymar, a forward for Paris Saint-Germain, is rumored to be dating Bruna. Even though the couple hasn’t confirmed their relationship, their pictures are flooded across social media. The two were pictured together on vacation in Ibiza, prompting romance rumors. It was also suspected that Neymar presented Bruna to his friends in Ibiza.

Earnings: Being one of the topmost Brazilian influencers, Bruna has an estimated net worth of $200 million.


Erika Schneider

Niche: Modeling

Brands they’ve worked with: Natura, O Boticário

Facts about Erika Schneider: 

Erika was born on February 11 in So Roque.

The Aquarian is one of the topmost Brazilian Instagram influencers.

Personal Life: 

Erika, a 30-year-old model, and digital influencer, has spent over eight years in the Faust ballet until the beginning of 2021. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Human Resources.

When she was 15, the model moved to Germany, but she soon returned to Brazil and enrolled in college. More than 1 million accounts follow the young woman on Instagram. She uses this network to collect images of herself in bikinis and on vacations. Coming to her private life, she has had an affair with Erasmo Viana, another name assumed in the 13th edition.

Earnings: The net worth of Erika is not yet public.


Bruno Montaleone

Niche: Acting

Brands they’ve worked with: GYMBOX, Reebok

Facts about Bruno Monteleone:

Bruno was born in Rio de Janeiro.

His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Personal Life: 

Bruno Monteleone began his acting career at a young age. In his mid-twenties, he improved his acting level with all of his effort and dedication to his vocation. Bruno has appeared in films such as The Other Side of Paradise, Crashing into the future, and The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student.

In 2018, he was nominated for the “With You Awards” Online and the “My Nick Awards.” Besides being an actor, Bruno is also a superb musician and dancer. Bruno is presently dating Sasha Mengel, a Brazilian actress coming into his private life. They began dating in 2017, and their relationship has now lasted five years.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Bruno is $5 million.


Vanessa Lopes

Niche: Modeling, Fitness

Brands they’ve worked with: Adidas, Nike, Reebok

Facts about Vanessa Lopes: 

Vanessa was born on July 5, 2001, in Brazil.

Her zodiac sign is cancer.

Personal Life: 

Vanessa is a well-educated TikTok star with a Brazilian education. Ever since Lopes was a child, she has had a passion for fashion, dance, and modeling. As of now, she is one of the most successful Brazilian influencers. Her appealing personality and attractive pictures have made her a well-renowned social media star.

All her fans adore her doll-like appearance. She shoots her stuff in fresh outdoor locales on a regular basis and is widely appreciated. Her videos, which frequently feature her friends and family, have garnered her almost 22 million Instagram followers.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Vanessa Loped lies between $3 to 5 million.


Sthefany Brito

Niche: Acting

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about Sthefany Brito: 

Sthefany’s full name is Sthefany Fernandes de Brito. 

She was born and brought up in  São Paulo, Brazil.

Personal Life:

Sthephany has been studying theater since 1995 and has performed in commercials for toys and children’s products on television. In 1999, Brito landed her first television role as Hannelore in the Brazilian adaptation of Chiquititas. She also appeared in the telenovela Um Anjo Caiu do Céu and a number of other films in 2001. Sthefany played a Muslim girl in O Clone in 2002. She hosted the TV show TV Globinho in 2003. 

Coming to her personal life, Sthephany had a brief marriage with Alexandre Pato. In 2018, she got married to Igor Raschkovsky, a Russian-born lawyer. In 2020, Sthephany was blessed with her first kid, Enrico.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Sthephany is $1 million.


Bruna Louise

Niche: Acting, Comedy

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about Bruna Louise:

Bruna Louise was born and brought up in Brazil.

She is one of the most famous Brazilian influencers with a huge social presence.

Personal Life:

Bruna Louise is a Brazilian actress and comedian from Paraná, in the country’s south. Louis is well-known for being one of the first female comedians in Brazil. Bruna began performing in theater while she was in her teens. And she used to say that she recognized she had a gift for humor when she attempted drama.

The performer even did some plays early in her career, but she soon realized her true calling was stand-up comedy and devoted herself to it. She got MTV’s MIAW award for Best Comedian in 2020.

Earnings: Bruna Louise has an estimated net worth ranging from $1 to 5 million.


Larissa Andrade

Niche: Fashion, Modeling

Brands they’ve worked with: Armani, Armani Exchange, Dsquared, Adriana Fernandez, Blue Man, Mercedes Benz

Facts about Larissa Andrade:

Larissa was born on August 1, 1984.

Larissa hails from California.

Personal Life:

Larissa was spotted as a finalist in a prestigious modeling contest when she was only 15 years old. Next, Larissa appeared in a number of advertisements and fashion events that caught the attention of international agents, leading to a proposition to begin her international career.

After a few years, she appeared in many short films, including Walk Away and Woman On Top. In 2018, she landed her first feature film part in the American thriller Alien Warfare, making her the first Brazilian model to appear in a Netflix film.

Earnings: Even though Larissa is one of the most impeccable Brazilian influencers, her net worth is not yet available.


Gusttavo Lima

Niche: Music, Singing

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about Gusttavo Lima:

Gustavo Henrique Lima was born in Brazil.

The real name of Gusttavo is Nivaldo Batista Lima.

Personal Life:

Gusttavo joined a choir as a soloist when he was nine years old in 1998, and achieved fame. Gino & Geno, Chitãozinho & Xororó, Bruno & Marrone, and Zezé di Camargo are among Gusttavo’s key influences.

Gusttavo released his first independent studio album, Revelaço, in 2009. In 2010, he signed with the Som Livre label and produced the CD and DVD Inventor dos Amores, which sold 15,000 copies. In 2012, he released his live video called Atualmente. The video reached heights while featuring Edson & Hudson, Jorge & Mateus, and Eduardo Costa. Gusttavo’s smash track “Balada” also gained fame in European markets.

Earnings: Being on the list of topmost Brazilian bloggers, Lima has a whopping net worth of $36 million.


Larissa Manoela

Niche: Acting, Writing, Voice Artist

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about Larissa:

Her full name is Larissa Manoela Taques Elias Santos.

She was born on 28th December 2000 in Guarapuava, Brazil.

Personal Life:

Larissa Manoela began her career as an actress before becoming one of the most appreciated Brazilian influencers. Manoela began acting at the age of four and had her breakthrough role in the children’s telenovela Carrossel as Maria Joaquina.

Her first television appearance as an actress was on the GNT channel in the series “Mother” when she was six years old, following appearing in a few commercials. She came into the limelight as an actress in 2012 when she starred in Coraçes Feridos. In 2020, she made her Netflix debut in the film Airplane Mode.

Earnings: The net worth of Larissa is not yet confirmed.


Bruna Marquezine

Niche: Acting

Brands they’ve worked with: Triton, Coca Cola

Facts about Bruna Marquezina:

Bruna was born in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro.

Her real name is Bruna Reis Maia.

Personal Life:

Bruna Marquezina began her career as a child actress, appearing in commercials and recordings. Márcio Garcia presented her in a program called Gente Inocente at the time. Bruna had her professional debut when Cininha de Paula noticed her in a video in which she appeared in Xuxa Só para Baixinhos. Mulheres Apaixonadas, directed by Manoel Carlos, launched her acting career.

In 2011, she also appeared in Aquele Beijo as Miss Belezinha, in which she played a key role. Furthermore, in 2014, the creator Manoel Carlos invited her to play Helena in the second phase of the novel Em Familia.

Earnings: Bruna Marquezina has an estimated net worth of $3 million.


Camila Coutinho

Niche: Fashion

Brands they’ve worked with: Dior, Harrods

Facts about Camila Coutinho:

Camila was born in Brazil.

Camila has over two million followers on Instagram.

Personal Life:

Camila Coutinho is a Brazilian fashion blogger who, through her blog “Garotas Estupidas,” is one of the country’s most influential influencers for both luxury and aspirational consumers. She is now Brazil’s most famous fashion blogger, with over 2 million Instagram followers for her personal style account and 1 million for her blog. She was The Society Management’s first Brazilian digital influencer, and she has worked with luxury companies.

Meghan Trainor’s music video “Lips Are Movin” featured her in 2014. Coutinho was also named Best Blogger at the 2016 Glamor Generation Awards. She also authored the book “Estupida, eu?” (Stupid, Me?) in 2018, which details her experiences creating a business from a passion for blogging.

Earnings: The estimated net worth of Camila lies between $1 to 5 million.


Maria Flor

Niche: Acting

Brands they’ve worked with: N/A

Facts about Maria Flor:

Maria Flor was born and brought up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Personal Life: 

Maria Flor is a Brazilian actress and model who began her career at the age of eight. Flor appeared in over fifty commercials before she landed her first major role in the telenovela Esperança. She has since starred in a number of successful telenovelas, including Amor à Vida and Império. Flor was named one of the most influential Brazilian influencers by Forbes magazine in 2014 and 2015.

Her international career began with Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz, and Jude Law in Fernando Meirelles’ film 360. Maria Flor, in addition to her acting career, starred in the summer campaign for Blue Man, a bikini and Bermuda shorts manufacturer.

Earnings: Maria Flor has amassed a whopping net worth of $8 million.


In the digital era, gaining fame as an influencer is no less than a hassle. Nevertheless, these Brazilian influencers have managed to reach the top. We hope we could bring out all the information about the famous Brazilians to suffice your need for inspiration.

Be sure to check out their work and see what they’re up to next. What is your favorite Brazilian influencer? Let us know in the comments below. Till then, follow these lovely people and get some major inspiration! Ciao.`