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Top 20 Australian Influencers That Are Internet Sensations

The advent of social media brought a new phenomenon of information sharing that has changed all our lives. The same trend has followed significantly in Australia. Now, whatever we need answers to, someone is blogging about it. It doesn’t just stop at blogging—YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, WordPress, and Twitter have collectively given rise to many Australian influencers. 

Influencers are social media users who share daily life and valuable information, like beauty tips, DIY hacks and explaining topics. Their contents save people a lot of time and help them equip themselves with fantastic life skills and information. Owing to their growing importance, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of Australian influencers that are also changing the way of traditional marketing. 

Hence, we took it upon ourselves to curate a list of the top 20 Aussie influencers that share content worth our while and influence our lives for good. 

Mikayla Klewer

Niche: Fashion, Social Media

Brands she’s worked with: Curated by KT, By Johnny.

Facts about her

Mikayla revealed in an interview that she is 22 years old.

This plus-size influencer stands 5’4″ tall, and her weight is 69 kg. 

Personal Life

Mikayla is an Australian influencer who creates digital content for her plus-size followers. Having worked as a curvy model for several brands, she spreads body positivity awareness among her followers.

Being olive-skinned, she has an accentuated aura that her modeling agency, Precision MGMT, finds highly appealing. She has short, shoulder-length hair that adds to her bold and curvy personality. Growing up, Mikayla had no plus-size fashion idol to look up to, so she decided to set on a modeling career and let young girls like her know that they can be body positive and achieve anything.

Net Worth: Not available.

Isabelle Mathers

Niche: Model, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Not available

Facts about her

Isabelle was born on March 3, 1999, in Australia. 

Her zodiac sign is Pisces. 

Personal Life

When Isabelle first posted her picture on Instagram about eight years ago, little did she know that she would eventually become an internet celebrity. She found her niche in fashion and started making similar content for her rising follower base. Her dream was finally unfurling into reality when she was approached by the modeling agency Que Models. Owing to her relentless strife towards content making, Belle’s Instagram recently reached 1.5 million followers.

Belle’s a native Australian, which explains why she loves surfing so much. Coming to her personal life, she has a sister named Olivia, who is also a model. She’s currently dating the model Harri Musumeci after her relationship with Max Statham ended. 

Net Worth: $99 million

Nikki Hunter

Niche: Fashion, Social Media

Brands she’s worked with: Dolls Kill, TRICKZ N’ TREATZ, Sugar Thrillz, etc.

Facts about her

Nikki hails from Sydney, Australia.

Nikki’s height goes up to 5’7″, weighing about 64 kgs.

Her hobbies include singing, dancing, surfing, and writing.

Personal Life

Nikki is a rising Instagram star and a curvy, plus-size Australian influencer. She has a substantial Instagram follower base of 339k followers that the model leverages to show her curvy body figure and do brand promotion. Nikki has already done many promotions for apparel in the brands mentioned above, and hopefully, she’ll soon make it to the magazine covers. 

The curvy star is not very open about her private life, so it’s hard to comment on her age or who she’s dating. However, in public knowledge, she operates an onlyfans account where she shares niched content to her premium followers. 

Net Worth: Above US$450k.

Beau Brooks

Niche: YouTube, Music Engineer, Comedian

Brands he’s worked with: Not available

Facts about him

Beau Brooks was welcomed into the world on July 31, 1993, in Melbourne, Australia.

His Zodiac sign is Leo.

He has twin siblings named Luke and Jai.

Personal Life

Like no other influencer, Beau Brooks took to the social video sharing site and became a massively popular Australian YouTuber with his out-of-the-box funny videos. He also makes music and does pranks and skits on the video site. Beau’s YouTube career started after becoming a member of a famous YT group called The Janoskians. After that, he started his content creation journey and his videos began entertaining the global audience. 

His 2 million YouTube subscribers appreciate his exceptional comic timing. He is also famous on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Brooks is highly humble and a hard worker, which ensures him this success. 

Net Worth: $1-5 Million

Annelese Milton

Niche: TikToker, Instagram Model

Brands she’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about her

Annelese was born on March 19, 1995, in Australia. 

Her Zodiac sign is Pisces.

She stands 5’8″ tall and weighs around 56 Kg.

Annie went through two cosmetic surgeries.

Personal Life

Annelese’s love for make-up and fashion wasn’t well-received in her school, and she was subjected to bullying. That led her to drop out and do a corresponding course from home, which gave her a chance and time to pursue her passion from home. She even got breaks in Hong Kong at the age of 14, but a foreign country took a toll on her at a young age, so she decided to take a break. 

After five years of helping her family business as an accountant, she put her head into Instagram modeling. Annie’s dating history consists of fitness trainer Zac Smith and a model Harry Jowsey. 

Net Worth: $200k

Leah Halton

Niche: Fashion, Beauty, Social Media 

Brands she’s worked with: Princess Polly Boutique, Fashion Nova, Peppy Coau, Fashion Nova, etc. 

Facts about her

Leah was born on January 6, 2001, in Australia.

Her Zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Leah stands 5’3″ tall and weighs about 51 kgs.

Personal Life

Leah is among the top Australian YouTubers who enjoy a massive follower base across their social media channels. The brown-eyed model is all in for make-up tutorials on her self-titled YouTube channel, with 425k subscribers. Her Instagram and TikTok also harbor her unique fashion and beauty content, with over 13k and 500k followers, respectively.

Although Leah is unmarried, she once staged a fun marriage for her YouTube video that involved paid promotion. And for those wondering, she has a boyfriend, Adrian. Based out of Melbourne, Leah is crazy about traveling and almost always prefers it for her fashion tours. She’s been to foreign countries like Italy, Japan, etc. 

Net Worth: $300k

Libby Powell

Niche: Fitness, Fashion, Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about her

Libby was born on December 14, 1992, in Australia.

Her weight is 61 kg, and her height reaches 5’7″.

Her Zodiac sign is Saggitarius.

Personal Life

Libby is a fitness freak, and that’s precisely what she banks on. She’s a fitness model who appears on Australian magazine covers like Australian Swimsuit Calendar. The model is also an Instagram personality who has over a million followers. She likes to be recognized as a bikini athlete on her Instagram, where she shares her lifestyle and fitness content. 

Her other achievements are being a VIP waitress at the infamous Club LIV in Australia and being named Glamcorp Dream Team member at Las Vegas Model Search International. Her personal life could only be taken from the snippets she shares on Instagram, like her tattooed boyfriend and the daughter she birthed in 2017. 

Net Worth: $700k

Joel Bushby

Niche: Fitness Instructor, Social Media Influencer

Brands he’s worked with: Not Available 

Facts about him

Joel was born on April 27, 1983, in Australia

His birth sign is Taurus.

He’s 6’1″ tall and weighs about 81 kg.

Personal Life

If you want to learn how to leverage social media platforms for self-branding, you must learn from Joel. This Australian influencer is known for his brand, The Natural Transformer, across various social media platforms like YouTube (2k followers), TikTok (4.1 Million fans), and Instagram (404k followers). He makes fitness tutorial videos, personal modeling images, prank and comedy videos, and acts as a body transformation coach. 

Joel started by competing in Australian bodybuilding competitions in 2011 and then took to modeling over social media, where he found his niche as an influencer. The fitness model set out with a creative head and relentless effort with his fitness model wife, Stepha Zade, on this content creation journey.

Net Worth: $600k

Chanelle Punton

Niche: Fitness Model, Food Blogger

Brands she’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about her

Chanelle Punton was born on November 17, 1996, in Newcastle, New South Wales, UK.

She resides in Australia with her citizenship.

Her birth sign is Scorpio.

Personal Life

This cheerful Australian influencer is also a registered nurse, having graduated from the University of Newcastle. She didn’t set out to be an influencer, but when her first few posts hit her followers up to the 10k level, she started to take this seriously. The nurse-turned influencer often poses with foods from great Australian restaurants and reviews them. Chanelle also features her sister Shweta in some of her posts. 

This twenty-five-year-old cinnamon-skinned model is crazy about her parents and her boyfriend, Peter Ivic, who have always supported her through her journey towards being among the top bloggers in Australia. There were some rumors where fan theories circled her breast surgery which she denied. 

Net Worth: $500k

Travers Beynon

Niche: Business, Fashion, Football

Brands he owns are FREECHOICE, CandyShop Mansion, 

Facts about him: 

Travers was born on March 6, 1972, in Melbourne, Australia.

He follows Christianity.

His model figure is no mystery, six feet in height and 88 kgs in weight.

His media nickname is Candyman.

Personal Life

Travers Luke Beynon is an Australian businessman, social media influencer, and managing director of the tobacco company FREECHOICE. The tycoon also owns the Candyshop Mansion, his party place, residence, and all “the sweet things in life.” He is probably the richest of the Australian influencers out there. 

Beynon is primarily famous for his extravagant lifestyle, dominated by parties and girls. He is a follower of polyamory, and his wife and daughter seem to present no objection to that. If you don’t find him riding his super-expensive cars, you can find him lounging with girls on his cigarette boat.

Net Worth: $190 Million

Maria Perez

Niche: Fashion, Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Mistress Rocks, Fashion Nova, Neena Swim, Bo+Tee, etc.

Facts about her

Maria was born on July 22, 1996, in Columbia.

She is a resident of Australia. 

Her zodiac sign is cancer.

She stands 5’5″ and weighs about 62 kg.

Personal Life

After being hit by inspiration in high school, Maria set out to be a fashion model and social media influencer. This 25-year-old began by sharing her curvaceous, sizzling, and charming personality through videos and images on Instagram and YouTube. Soon, she bagged thousands of followers on her social media and became a lauded internet personality. 

Having worked with such brands mentioned above, she is soon poised to be featured on magazine covers. This much is evident through her social media that she absolutely loves Mexican and Italian food. She loves to travel, surf, fish, boat, and do casual photography. 

Net Worth: $850k

Sarah Ellen

Niche: Fashion, Beauty, Travel, And Lifestyle

Brands she’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about her

Sarah was born on January 10, 1998, in Sydney, Australia.

Her birth sign is Capricorn.

Personal Life

Sarah fostered the dream of being a superstar right from her childhood. And in 2013, she posted a vine video on the internet. It went viral and garnered her about 56 million views and thousands of followers on YouTube. After a year, she made her TV debut in the show, The Laundry. Progress became a thing for her as she took modeling seriously after that, bagging a famous role on the long-running soap opera, Neighbors. 

Her website “Perks of Her” features her digital content and acting portfolio for her followers and producers. Talking about her likes, Sarah loves Italian food and adores her pet puppy Stella. 

 Net Worth: $3.5 Million

Zara Hedges

Niche: Fashion, Lifestyle

Brands she’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about her

Zara came into this world on August 20, 1997, in Australia.

Her birth sign is Libra.

Zara is 5’1″ tall and weighs around 49 kg.

She’s famous for her petite measurements, 38-23-34 inches. 

Personal Life

Zara stepped into the modeling industry at a relatively young age but busted the age stigma with her perfect slim waist and opulence in just the right places. She is also a digital content creator where she makes fitness and lifestyle influencing content. Her Instagram (321k followers) is mainly crammed with her gorgeous, captivating selfies, though she also does brand promotions. 

Zara is quite a positive person in her personal life, although she likes to keep it private from the media. She mostly posts solo selfies, so there isn’t much information on who she’s dating. 

Net Worth: $500k

Nikki Van Dijk

Niche: Surfer, Influencer 

Brands she’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about her

On November 28, 1994, Nikki was born in Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia.

She’s a Sagittarius, 5’7″ in height and 55 kg in weight.

She ranked 13 in the Women’s Champion Tour 2021.

Personal Life

Nikki is quite famous as a surfer and is also known to have competed in the World Surf League. Being an Australian, she’s always loved the sea and surfing. She has won many surfing competitions, like the women’s world junior title in Bali in 2012 and the Pantin Classic Galicia Pro in Spain in 2013.

Talking about her family, Nikki has a sister named Nina, who’s older than her, and a younger brother called Joe. Nikki is known to be single and unmarried, though there is no confirmation from her side. 

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Madison Woolley

Niche: Pop Model, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Pretty Little Things, F

Facts about her

March 22, 1998, is the day Madison came to this world in Brisbane, Australia. 

Her zodiac sign is Aries. 

Personal Life

Madison is one of the most popular Australian influencers. She’s always had a flair for modeling and singing, and after discovering the magic of social media, she took to creating her content. The young influencer made a self-titled YouTube channel where she started uploading her lifestyle videos and fashion and beauty tips. 

Madison’s perfect hourglass figure has won her 793k followers on Instagram. The model also has a TikTok profile, where she is famed for her attractive lip sync videos, dance moves, and funny dubs. Moreover, she hosts her podcast called ‘Girl Code—The Podcast when she’s not modeling her wealthy figure into resplendence.’

Net Worth: $600k

Josh Carroll

Niche: Model, Social Media Star

Brands he’s worked with: teamm8 and Topman Australia 

Facts about him

Josh was welcomed into this world on May 7, 1990, in Canberra, Australia. 

His Sun Sign is Taurus.

Personal Life

Josh is among famous Australian influencers and a successful one at that. He is primarily a model who has worked for various brands, and he leverages the platform and his position for social causes. For instance, in 2016, he participated in the ’22 for 22 challenge’ to help spread awareness about PTSD among his followers. 

He is among the top Australian Instagram influencers with a fame of 458k followers and deals chiefly with his fashion and lifestyle posts, with seldom brand promotions. Josh gets very discreet when it comes to personal life; however, he’s dating his fellow Aussie model Madison Edwards is public knowledge. 

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Nicole Thorne

Niche: Fashion, Social Media influencer 

Brands she’s worked with: Not Available 

Facts about her

Nicole was born on December 2, 1990, in Brisbane, Australia. 

Her sun sign is Saggitarius.

She stands 5’7″ tall and weighs around 59 kg.

Personal Life

Nicole is one of a kind among top Australian Instagram influencers with a wide-established fanbase. Nicole has wanted to be a model ever since she was a kid, as her inclination toward fashion and beauty was ever-present. She’s primarily famous for her collaborations with Maxim magazine and her gargantuan presence on social media. 

Nicole grew up in Brisbane and studied in a local school, and graduated from there only. She’s always been supported by her businessman father and her housewife mother. With over a million followers on Instagram, she uses the platform for modeling, like uploading lifestyle, beauty, and fashion posts and doing brand promotions.

Net Worth: $2 Million

Cassidy Mcgill

Niche: Reality TV Star, Model

Brands she’s worked with: Love Island Australia

Facts about her

Cassidy was brought into the world on January 23, 1995, in Australia.

Her sun sign is Aquarius.

Personal Life

Cassidy Mcgill rose to fame with her participation in the hit Aussie show–Love Island Australia. Before she joined the show, she used to work as a bartender in Echuca, which also happens to be her hometown. After the show, the 27-year-old model started dating Josh Carey. 

Cassidy’s Instagram has got her fame up and running with over 402k followers. The model uses the platform for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts. She hasn’t appeared in any other TV shows after the reality show, but she does have her own YouTube channel where she shares her lifestyle and dietary vlogs.

Net Worth: $1 Million

Tallulah Moon

Niche: Fashion, Social Media Star

Brands she’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about her

Tallulah was born on September 20, 1985, in Australia. 

Her sun sign is Virgo. 

She stands 5′ 7″ tall and weighs around 89 kg. 

Personal Life

Tallulah is a famous plus-size Australian influencer who leverages Instagram and other social media platforms for her modeling career. Being the most popular among fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers in Australia, Tallulah prioritizes spreading body positivity and plus-size fashion style. Her optimistic charisma is visible through her posts on her social media channels. 

The now 37-year-old tied the knot with Cameron Macauley in May 2018. She is a proud mom of three and spends a good while of her day with her kids. When she’s not with them, she’s a perfect sizzling curvy model. Her 420k Instagram followers laud her for the message she’s spreading. 

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Laura Amy

Niche: Model, Social Media Influencer

Brands she’s worked with: Not Available

Facts about her

Laura was welcomed into the world on March 30, 1992, in Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia.

Astrologers find her birth sign to be Aries. 

Personal Life

A bold, hourglass figure model winning over the internet is the story blogs write about Laura Amy. Fans go crazy wondering how the blue-eyed model manages to stay in such shape. She has what the professionals call a perfect bikini body. And that’s precisely what she banks on—bikini modeling. 

The blonde model currently makes all her content residing in Sydney with her husband, Dan Ladell. A little short of a million, this Australian influencer presently has 909k Instagram followers. She hopes to fill the gap with the Neon Model Management agency representing her modeling career.  

Net Worth: $1.2 Million

Influencers have our lives intertwined with social media almost indefinitely. They also form a significant chunk of people who make the content for us to be on social media. If we encounter the one to our liking, we instantly follow them. But there’s a lot more than their pretty faces and bodies to venture there. They are cultivating a sense of fashion and style among the masses. They are sorting through our lives, giving us tips on how we can live better. The Australian influencers upload lifestyle content that shows how they live daily and how they maintain such a healthy figure or how they can attain such a level of success. This helps the viewers mend their lifestyles and strive for a better picture.

In this case, it’s only natural that you’d want to know about your favorite influencers and follow them or keep a tab on their lifestyle. Whatever your reason, here we are, with a perfectly curated list of the top twenty Australian influencers winning over the internet.