Ali Kabbani


Ali Kabbani is popularly known as TSM Myth or Myth among Twitch fans. With a massive fan following, it is only a matter of time till somehow one is dragged into some drama or controversy. That is precisely what happened to Myth. 


Back in the winter of 2020, Myth was accused of stream sniping another gamer during a match on the server of Rust. An outspoken streamer by the name of xQc, who himself was banned from Twitch earlier the same year for stream sniping during the Fall Guys Twitch Rivals tournament, was now accusing him of the same. 


While cheat codes like an aimbot in Call of Duty: Warzone are reasonably easy to spot when a player is only landing headshots, as it gets suspicious. However, stream sniping is one of the more challenging things to prove during a gaming tournament. There are ways to mitigate it, but that limits the streamer’s interaction with their chat. 


The details of the accusations on Myth by xQc are that during the game, Myth followed xQc to an “out of the way location” and then killed his character. xQc suggested that Myth got the information of his directions from his Twitch chat. 


So when these allegations were made on Twitch star Myth, he quickly shut them down and gave the internet some convincing proof of his innocence. Myth explained that he found out xQc’s whereabouts because Rust uses proximity chat. The proximity chat feature lets other players hear each other when they speak on their microphones while in close range of one another. 


Myth says he was strolling on and stopped when he could hear xQc “screaming” just as the proximity chat activated. Most people who know about this online drama believe Myth. On the other hand, xQc is known for stirring the pot for drama from time to time. 


However, if we talk about how Myth gained his stardom in online gaming, it was through streaming on Twitch. In 2016, he was mainly streaming the game Paragon; after the removal of the game from the platform, he switched to Fortnite: Battle Royale and Valorant. Through his consistency on the streaming platform, he gained 7.3 Million followers


Myth also has a YouTube channel with 4.6 Million subscribers. His channel comprises gaming content and collaborations with other YouTubers and gamers. In addition, the gamer also started a second YouTube channel called Myth Reacts. Having started the channel two days ago (28th August 2021), he already has 6.77K subscribers. Plus, he boasts 6.7 Million followers on his Instagram account


If we take a look at the gamer’s personal life, Myth has two siblings and was raised by his aunt and uncle. He came from relatively poor beginnings and changed his life around. There isn’t much on the internet when it comes to his dating life. However, Tori Pareno, a fan of Myth’s, scored a date with him after retweeting for Myth 15,000 times on Twitter. 

With a whopping net worth of $3 Million, Myth is constantly evolving as a social media personality to keep his gaming career on a hike.

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