Samantha Ravndahl



In the 21st century, it’s hard to find an individual who hasn’t seen Samantha Ravndahl on social media. With almost 2 million Instagram followers alone as well as over nine hundred million YouTube views for her channel “Samantha Ravndahl,” she is a household name in Canada! A popular vlogger from Toronto with experience uploading tutorials about makeup products & tricks of all kinds, including beauty tips, challenges, reviews, videos, blog posts and more. You’ll never know what might come next when scrolling through your feed or watching any live streaming session by this hilarious yet informative personality that will have everyone laughing until they cry while learning new things at the same time. 


It’s no surprise that a woman as confident and booming as Samantha Ravndahl was born into the family she is today. Her childhood showed how committed her parents were to fulfilling every single one of their children’s desires, even though they themselves came from middle-class backgrounds with only two sons at home who needed attention constantly! 


Samantha has always had a knack for learning and an insatiable curiosity. After graduating from high school, she went on to receive her makeup certificate at John Casablancas Institute in Vancouver!


Samantha is an amazing YouTuber with a witty and fun-loving personality. Her Youtube channel has gathered millions of followers who love all her beauty tutorials as well as challenges she wages against other popular Youtubers!

Her main goal is to create these videos for entertainment but also to make people smile, making them super enjoyable to watch!!


Samantha’s Instagram is filled with photos of her daily life, such as modeling and posting videos. She has been able to build a devoted fan base of followers from all over the world.


Samantha’s professional career is more than just a YouTube star. She has been loving and passionate about fashion and makeup since her childhood; growing up, she managed to create an opportunity for herself to be noticed by the industry as well as support from both parents who believed in what she wanted for herself!


As for her personal life, Samantha is currently married to her now-husband Matt. The couple has been together for quite some time and was even engaged in May 2018. After being together for about one year, they finally decided to get married, taking their relationship to the next level. Samantha loves sharing beautiful moments of their life together on Instagram. Matt has also been featured in many of her YouTube videos, where they did some fun challenges and shared other insights into their loving relationship.


The two love birds became parents not long ago with the birth of their baby boy. Understandably, it seems like Samatha prefers to keep things a little more secretive when it comes to her baby. However, the social media star has shared a lot from her pregnancy, proudly showing herself as a future mother. 


At present-day we can see that Samantha and her husband, Matt, live a happily married life along with their newborn son.

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