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Kimberly Guadalupe Loaiza Martinez is a Mexican influencer, Youtuber turned Singer. Her life has been no less than a controversy, with her husband allegedly having cheated on her. Her spouse’s infidelity started a period of what she now recalls as the most challenging time of her life. Kim’s marriage suffered through a trial where they both had to make a decision in separating from each other, which was hard on her. She took some time off from social media following this hideous revelation, knowing that she needed to be in solitude to resolve this personal issue. Some more tea was spilled by one of her stylists, saying that she was not paid in due time. While a contention was raised about her life in public, she felt herself to be in deep water. 


Kimberly is a fighter and knows how to raise herself beyond these troubles. Her resilience was projected in her continuous efforts at making videos despite the family drama. She didn’t let the separation from her husband affect her journey at being one of the most subscribed female Youtubers in the world. Her problems strengthened her core to become a personality idolized by millions of people. Kim has been to hell and back since her broken marriage, but her husband came clean with her shortly after. Kim decided to give her relationship another go. Only a strong woman can forgive a man for his wrongdoing, and she has once again proved herself to be a compassionate human being. 


Kimberly acquires her livelihood from a multitude of content she posts on all of her social media accounts. Her daily vlogs are highly publicized among the viewers. She posts videos about her personal life which are in high demand throughout Mexico. Her major fan base comes from her home country, mainly because she only speaks Spanish. She doesn’t shy away from making her professional modeling photos known to the public. Her Instagram also has pictures of her daughter, who is no less than a diva herself. She is often seen traveling across the globe through her Instagram posts. 


She dived into using social media on Twitter in 2011. After five years of being in the public domain, she debuted on Youtube in December 2016. In just one week of being on the platform, she gained about 1 million subscribers. She launched her music career in the year 2019 with her single No Seas Celoso. Her song Me Perdiste hit more than 20 million plays on Spotify. Kimberly first acted in a bottled water commercial Bonafont. She has been a host of the Billboard Latin Music Showcase event in 2018. In 2019, she claimed the Tu award for the coolest female influencer. She has established her mobile phone company asserting that her success knows no bounds. She came under extreme limelight with her video Joke To My Ex “I am Pregnant” Goes Bad

Kimberly Loaiza was born on 12 December 1997 in Mexicali, Mexico, where she lived for eight years. Another ten years of her life were spent in Mazatlan. She now lives in Tijuana with her husband, Juan De Dios Pantoja and her two kids, Kima, and Juanito. She has two siblings, Carlos and Steffany. Kim was married to Juan from 2016-2018 and later remarried in August 2020. Her beauty continues to remain beyond praise with her growing age. She has more than 33 million subscribers on Youtube, where she has posted 173 videos till date. Her Instagram has about 29.9 million followers. She keeps us startled by the amazing videos that she posts on her self-titled youtube channel.

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