Grace Bonney


Being a lesbian, Grace Bonney had to tussle with accepting her sexuality. In high school, many times, she was frayed for her sexuality. She used to hide her sexuality, but when she married Aaron Coles in 2009 and divorced him in 2011, she publicly accepted her sexual orientation and got the courage to face the world.


Grace started her career at a record company. However, she had no interest in this job, and to get out of the disgust; she founded Design Sponge in 2004 that later became her greatest passion. It was a blog that entails interior design-related conflicts and issues. During this period, she worked for various magazines and news agencies as a writer and editor. Some of the magazines for which she worked are House & Garden, Domino Magazine, and Craft. Later, she was exclusively engrossed in working for Design Sponge. Her dedication came to fruition when the public largely accepted the Design Sponge, and she garnered over 2 million readers. This figure brought huge success and revenue for Grace. She also created a distinction with her entrepreneurial work in the Frederick Douglass 200 project. In 2017, she was enlisted among the Top Influencers in Home 2017 list by Forbes.


Grace is best known for writing a book titled “In The Company of Women” that is composed of more than 100 stories about women entrepreneurs. Another big achievement was her book “Design*Sponge at Home,” that she authored in 2009. For this book, 100,000 copies were sold. But the name and fame she got from her Design Sponge blog was her greatest achievement. 


This website became so popular that over 2 million readers hit upon the site per day. Grace constantly worked for Design Sponge for 15 years, but now it is stored in a research library of Congress. In 2018, Grace started authoring and publishing the magazine “Good Company.” This was the professional journey that made her a famous author, blogger, and entrepreneur, having a net worth of approx, $20 million. However, the prime source of her income is an internet personality. To encourage the new generation’s designers, she provides scholarships and also remains active on the business columns. 


Bonny was born on June 9, 1981, in Virginia Beach. She celebrated her 38th birthday with great pomp and show. Since childhood, she has always been a brilliant student. She studied at New York University, and later she graduated from the College of William and Mary with a Bachelor of Science. Following her divorce from Aaron Coles in 2009, she married Julia Turshen, one of the famous authors and also the best-selling author of a book named Now & Again. Grace has no siblings; she is the single child of her parents. Her father, Christopher F. Bonney, is from the architecture and photography field, while her mother, Elaine H. Bonney, is a professional interior designer. Currently, Bonny is living happily with her wife Julia at Hudson River Valley, New York. They often attend the events together and have a strong bond between them.  

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