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Gianna Marie is a famous social media personality, she gained fame due to her TikTok content. She got famous because of her lip syncing videos, comedic clips and covers of famous music.


Gianna Marie was born on November 12, 1999. She was born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois.  According to the Astrologie, her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Women who represent this zodiac sign have plenty of likeable personality traits such as being passionate, ambitious, full of imagination, assertive, loyal and honest. There is no information about her family members or siblings.


Gianna first appeared on TikTok back in 2018 with the username gwizzle_ . From December of that same year she started posting frequently , at first , her videos were comic related and funny. The first video on her TikTok that got over 1 Million views was posted on December 14, in 2019. This TikTok video was life related, she pretended that her boyfriend wrote her good morning while she was in bed sleeping. When she saw the message she managed to dress up and do her makeup in order to send her lover a selfie and answer back. While she was dressing up, she was singing in the video. There are an enormous number of people who encouraged her to sing, never stop singing and to think of professional singing or making videos where she will be performing some songs.

On December 24, 2019 Marie posted a TikTok where she was singing the very famous song of Whitney Houston called “ I Have Nothing” in her car. This video gained over 1 million views and about 200K likes. After this video Marie started posting more and more singing videos. The second video had a caption “ Yes, I’m still nervous and I only sing in my car. So what?”. All the videos where she sings are done in her car. Gianna got her million likes on  January 9, 2019. 


The phenomenon on her TikTok account came on January 18, 2019. She was rapping the most famous song of the American rapper Eminem “ The rap god”. This video has 3.5 million likes, 28.1 likes and over 80K shareings.


On February 12, 2019 Gianna Marie started doing and posting duets. There were different duets such as dancing, lip syncing or funny clips. 


During the quarantine Gianna did some frequent changes with her hair color. On February 22, 2019 she appeared to TikTok with bright pink hair color, in august she posted a video dueting herself , this time with white hair. Later in September 2020 Marie changed her hair color to bright orange but this was not the end.. In January 2021 Gianna dyed her hair green, however about two months later she went to mushroom blonde hair color.


Since August 24, 2021 Marie mostly started posting TikTok videos of her singing in her car. As for now, Gianna Marie has over 3.3 million followers on TikTok and about 88 million likes.

Gianna Marie has an Instagram account g.wizzle_. On this platform she has about 168K followers. On Instagram Marie used to post her videos of singing in the car, however there are also some beautiful pictures of Marie herself. 


Not much is known about the personal life of Gianna, however it is known that as for know she is single and not dating anyone.


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