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Don’t you think your home could use some fresh design? It can be hard to decorate the whole place since small changes may take a lot of time. Even if you have all day, it’s not easy arranging or designing an entire space for yourself in such close quarters! Deciding what goes where and how things should look when put together doesn’t sound like much fun either.  If you’re in need of some fresh ideas or color inspiration for your living space that will add life into anything it touches, then you might want to take some inspiration from Will Taylor.


A witty and engaging blogger from Britain, Will Taylor is the author of the popular home, travel, and fashion blog Bright Bazaar.


As a child, Will Taylor dreamed of being an actor or set designer. But he realized that wasn’t his true calling when it didn’t feel like there was any place for him in the theater. After graduation from college, despite this setback, Will found something more satisfying- interior design, which allowed him to focus on putting together beautiful spaces rather than creating artificial environments. Will found true happiness as someone who could turn any room into something beautiful – not only does it bring people joy inside their homes but also gives them confidence while they’re outside enjoying themselves too!


After working for a design home, Will started a blog that he initially set up as just another hobby. In 2009 his site was named “Bright Bazaar.” Since then, it has been about making you smile with quirky posts on travel and lifestyle topics like fashion or interior designs. In 2015 Will finally decided to leave his job in order to focus on blogging full time because he knew this would be more fulfilling than anything else. 


Since then, Bright Bazaar has grown to one of the world’s best-known blogs for both innovative ideas about colors and style inspirations.  Will delights us with his unique perspective and daily adventures in design, style, and travel. He shares a range of content across social media platforms that will inspire you to create your own colorful wardrobe or try out some new color combinations for home decorating! 


Taylor is a busy bee. He does not just blog; he’s a creative and entrepreneurial design professional with two best-selling design books under his belt. And don’t forget about launching his furniture product line on his blog, Bright Bazaar. 


Will is one of the most stylish men on Instagram – he has more than 330 thousand followers! He posts pictures of himself in stylish outfits and gives cool fashion tips to his followers, making him a fashion foal for many people who come across his content. 


The interior designer Will Taylor loves matching his outfits to room designs. He also happens to be a fitness freak, which can be seen in many of his Instagram posts! If you love design-led travels through everyday life as well style-inspired interiors, then this guy would definitely not disappoint you!

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