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Are you a Beauty & Lifestyle creator who wants to fully capture your unique style, creator journey, and growth as a creator in one place? Our media kit is the link between your hard work and potential partners, keeping your brilliance on display, always up-to-date and ready for your next big challenge.

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Media Kit For Influencers
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Step 1: Create Your Portfolio

Begin by designing a media kit that truly resonates with your unique style and preferences.

Step 2: Link It Up

Once crafted, simply place the link in your social bio, making it easily accessible for potential partners.

Step 3: Impress Brands

With your professional media kit in place, stand out and make a lasting impression on premium brands. Don’t forget to add your past collaborations and your rate cards for new partnerships!

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Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer

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Why I Love ViralMango’s Media Kit
Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer
With ViralMango’s Media Kit, I’ve taken my content game to a whole new level. The ease of customizing rates and its dynamic nature means I can focus on creating! Plus, the real-time insights give me an edge with brands.

Megan Miller, Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer

5M followers across all platforms.
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ViralMango Media Kit is perfect for you if you want to expand your influencer business by creating captivating content. With automated performance metric updates and efficient brand outreach, it’s the right solution for you. If your goal is to stand out from other influencers and make a lasting impact through successful partnerships, then try the tool today.

ViralMango helps you showcase your influence, negotiate fair rates, and provide up-to-date insights. You can confidently navigate negotiations and secure fair rates for collaborations. The media kit offers real-time insights, ensuring brands have accurate information on your stats, audience demographics, and popular posts, making you an attractive choice for partnerships. 
ViralMango Media Kit has customization options like changing the theme, switching between the light/dark modes, adding rates for different content formats, and showcasing your previous collaborations.

Yes, when you make your media kit and add your rates, you can then share your custom link with potential partners and brands. Your media kit can be shared on social media, through email, etc.

Rest assured, we cannot access your private information, manage your accounts, or view sensitive details. Your trust is vital to us, and we prioritize privacy and data security. We gather only publicly available stats like follower count and engagement rates to create your media kit. Your trust is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to maintaining it through privacy and data security practices.
Influencer media kit is like LinkedIn for professionals looking for a job. As an influencer who takes his career seriously, you should have a portfolio that showcases your influence and presents your value to potential partners.
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