Twitter Handle

What is Twitter Handle?

The Twitter handle is the unique identifier that people use to sign in and access their account on any device. Twitter handles are only allowed to have a maximum of 15 characters. They must be displayed like so in the browser bar: . Twitter handles are not to be confused with our Twitter names. They appear after the @ sign in every person’s profile URL and must always remain unique for each account, whereas a name can change depending on who a person is looking for or trying to find exactly what it is that they do (ie: Company Name). Twitter is known for being an unparalleled social media platform for breaking news and engaging with people across the world. As for now, there are over 330 million active twitter handles on this social network which means that its growth within just a few years could more than double what it currently stands at. However, there may occur a little difficulty connected with choosing a unique Twitter handle as the user base of Twitter only continues to grow and the process may become harder than it was in the past. 

How to choose an effective Twitter handle?

Twitter is a great way to reach your audience and grow as an influencer. However, there is no one-size-fits all guide for the perfect Twitter handle. To be successful on twitter you will have to follow some best practices though like using an engaging title or description with keywords so people can find what they need from within seconds of searching through thousands at once but also making sure that these details don’t get too complicated since most users just want something easy going without any fusses. For example :

Use your name: If you are trying to start your own business or create an online identity, use what has already been established. Labeling yourself as “Inc.” And/or using the word ‘HQ’ can help people find more about who they are looking for if it matches their interests and needs.

Avoid numbers and underscores: A meaningful, memorable Twitter handle is important for your reputation. You want to be as easy and simple-to read or hear about on the internet than you are in person! Avoid adding numbers at all costs – it’ll just make things even harder when trying to get noticed by potential followers out there who barely know what they’re doing themselves yet still follow these rules anyway because “it’s better safe than sorry”. Adding underscores will also make your username complex and hard to be noticed. 

Be consistent: To make sure that you are always top-of mind for your followers, use the titles that are most meaningful on other social channels too. This will give an opportunity to followers and your audience to find and follow what they want to see from their favorite accounts, and also this will help with cross promotion!

Do not stuff your handle with keywords: Keyword spamming is a common practice among Twitter users, but it can backfire. Keywords in your handle often make you look like an annoyance or scammer on the platform and that is not something people want to see.

In order for content creators and influencers alike their posts have increased credibility when they use keywords strategically instead of just packing them everywhere possible without any thought given towards readability or interest level raised by using certain words over others within sentences which help generate better engagement rates with our followers who are likely following us because there is a value added attached if only through digital interactions. 

Keep it short and sweet: The character limit on Twitter is a tough one to deal with. It can be tempting, especially for those who are just starting out and want their content seen by as many people as possible, but this will only clutter your feed with unnecessary words which no one wants! Imagine if someone was trying to send something long-winded or boring? You would probably think they were crazy and we all know how quick reactions work nowadays. Twitter is a platform which is all about short, instant-impact content. Always remember to keep your name small to avoid taking up too much of the character limit when people respond to you or retweet your content.

Be careful with “The Real”: Some celebrity and public figure accounts use “The Real” as part of the handle. However, the number of fake accounts using this prefix means that it is essential to verify your account if you want to stand out.

What to do if your ideal Twitter Handle is already taken

With millions of users already active on Twitter, there is a high probability that someone else has your handle.If you can’t access your ideal handle, there is no need to panic. One option is to ask the person who owns your Twitter handle whether you can have it. Alternatively, if you have a trademark on your company name, issue a complaint with Twitter. On the other hand, a person can make the Twitter handle unique by

Adding “HQ” or “Inc” to demonstrate your professionalism or by adding “The” to the front of your Twitter username. Beginning with a phrase like “We Are” or “The Real” if you’re Twitter verified can also help or referencing your industry. Many app developers use the word “app” at the end of their Twitter handle to make it unique. Also adding words like “Try,” “Use,” “Join” or “Get” for service-focused companies or terms like “Team” or “Community”, i.e. “SproutSocialTeam”.

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