Nowadays, when a lot of people hear “Onlyfans,” they naturally think of the restricted content made by adult sex workers which is posted on the site. This social media platform actually was not initially created for this purpose, but since it has become notorious for its explicit content, there is a varying monthly fee, and a government ID over 18 that is required to access the site. Creators on Onlyfans are also protected so that any attempt to reshare the content on the site or record the material will result in users getting banned or blocked from further content. Onlyfans has become a substantial income base for many creators as it gives out 80% of profits and keeps 20% allowing many creators to reach great heights from their content. Creators can usually earn around $180 per month from their OnlyFans accounts, while top accounts can make somewhere around $100,000 per month. On top of all this, Alexa ranks Onlyfans as the 46rd most popular website around the world. Crazy right?! 

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