Link Baiting

Are you tired of providing comprehensible information but still not getting enough backlinks? Don’t worry; we are at your rescue. Getting someone to link to your website is an arduous task. But, link baiting can be helpful here.

So what exactly is this link baiting?

The term “baiting” might give you a negative connotation, but it isn’t something to trick people or befool them. So what exactly is this Link baiting? Let’s find answers to all your questions below.

What is Link Baiting?

Link baiting provides spellbinding content that one finds difficult not to link to or share on their website. It can include images, popular videos, infographics, detailed research of a topic, etc. By this method, one can generate heavier traffic to their website. It should not be confused with click-baiting, which is regarded as an unethical method of advertising. What comprises a good link bait?

Good link bait is much more than a funny meme or adding a new article to their blog. It’s more about your knowledge of the latest trendy information and how you put it forward.

1. Make content that invokes an emotional reaction among the readers.

2. Write on something hot in the news or trending.

3. Your content should be highly attractive and rich in information.

4. Try writing listing articles like top 10, top 5, and so on

5. Use photos, videos, graphs, and anything that generates the public’s interest.

6. Use social media efficiently for link baiting cause this is the place where most link baits are posted.

Top 5 Examples of Noteworthy Link Baits

1. Informative Content

“The beginner’s guide to SEO” This article published by Moz has earned a remarkable 98,600 backlinks. It strives to provide information on this complex topic to all the newbies of SEO. Moreover, it also serves as an exceptional example of link baiting, which has been widely successful. This article is regularly updated with the changes in the industry.

2. Visual Content

Visual content comprises infographics, comics, hand-drawn pictures, and memes as well! Photos hold great importance in building a site’s traffic. But your sketch should be relevant to the topic you are writing on. Every time somebody makes use of your image, they backlink the Source.

On the other hand, memes are also images, but they are more on the humorous side. It is the kind of content one tends to reuse on their site, and hence they’ll add the backlink to your source website. This is a very astute method of increasing traffic to your website.

3. Content that evokes emotions

You come across a controversial article; clicking on that would be a natural reflex. So Why not add such crispy pieces to your website that’ll get you many backlinks. Similarly, this famous website, Upworthy, posted the story of a boy named Zach Sobiech diagnosed with a rare fatal Cancer.

During his last months, he fulfilled all of his lifelong dreams. These kinds of emotional stories are an excellent example of good link baiting techniques. So try using these kinds of heart-touching stories as our link baits!

4. Content of lists

When you make a list of top 10, top 50, and so on for a kind, if your number is more significant, e.g., the top 100 will have more link baiting than the top 50 of anything. When you write a listicle article, it is said to attract more traffic. People are more likely to use your website as a source and backlink it.

5. Covering a topic first, before anyone else

If your information is fresh and you are the first to cover it, you will surely get a lot of backlinks from it. For example, if you are the first to give information about a newly launched Apple product, many other websites will backlink your link as a source. This highly enhances the link baiting. But the only problem with this is, it becomes stale after a certain amount of time. So try getting as many backlinks as you can while the news is fresh.

Pros of link baiting

1. It reduces the burden of work. You have to create engaging content. You would not have to spend hours commenting on blogs or forum posting. Your job is finished after creating unique link bait.

2. Link baiting provides you with much more traffic than any other link-building technique. And your work is one time. Like once you’ve provided a link baiting content, then every time some new people will visit your site, admire your content and backlink your site.

3. It is all organic since Google likes backlink that arises out of link baiting content as these are created by real people and are 100% natural.

4. Link baiting provides you with a long-term reward. Backlinks will be created since more and more people will see your content in the coming days, months, years, and so on. Hence this provides you with a long-term upper hand.

5. This technique is capable of attracting direct traffic. People backlink your page because they genuinely like your content, so you can expect a backlink that has an attractive description and is in a prominent position.

6. And at last, it’s a matter of ethics. Link baiting technique is an ethical method of attracting traffic to your website. Henceforth you are attracting traffic also and being righteous also!