Instagram Pod

An Instagram Engagement Pod is a group chat of 15-1000’s of people from similar industries who notify each other when they have posted something new and require that people use the group chat to engage in their business ventures and go like/comment on the new posts. The reason for this was that after Instagram’s new algorithm change to boost popular posts on the explore page, it became very hard for a lot of businesses to get attention. Engagement pods allowed people to instantly give an account a little boost, the controversy only comes to play when evaluating the ethics of engagement pods. How valid are these fake comments and likes to the benefit of your business? And if you want a brand to see your accounts popularity, how would you feel if they found out you were in an engagement pod? These are questions to consider, especially since being in an engagement pod can often cause stress and time restraining burdens where you could be applying your efforts in a more effective way. 

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