If you are wondering why the fantastic content which you create lacks people to see it? Well, that is  the story among many businesses that lack proper content amplification strategies. Fortunately for you, this article will highlight the important aspects of content amplification marketing and how to do it in the right way. 

What is Amplification?

Amplification is known as one of the marketing terms which is generally used to define methods put in place to reach a wider audience. Amplifying your content is the only way to drive traffic to your website. There are several methods used to boost content until it reaches your desired audience.  Content amplification is an ongoing process and it features several techniques that lead to desired results when implemented to the latter.

Is content amplification important?

There are millions of blog posts published each day and even every hour. Sadly your content is competing with all of them. For you to win in this “competition”, you need to know what works and what does not. How well can you expand your audience without making the necessary noise? Content amplification will help your business grow tremendously, of course when it is done well.

Content amplification makes it possible for your content to be seen by your targeted audience across all your intended platforms resulting to:

  • Expansion in your audience reach
  • New business opportunities
  • New leads for future nurturing
  • Increased loyalty between your brand and the customers.

Proven amplification ideas to work:

  1. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing simply means you get influential people to help share your content. This type of marketing is tricky yet one of the most powerful methods of content amplification that there is.  The majority of businesses will confess that the tricky part of this method is to get to reach out to the influencer. Well, here are a few tested tactics on how to get the attention of an influencer:


Even though most influencers receive dozens of emails, this should not stop you from trying out your luck.  Try to be short, precise and catchy when emailing an influencer, also remember to address them using their official name.

Social media

Influencers spend a substantial amount of their time on social media. Why not use this to your advantage? It might take time to get attention from any influencer but it is worth it in the long run. Try as much as possible to regularly engage with influencers in your industry so that you have a good ground for asking them to share your content widely.

  1. Tagging

Tactical tagging is one way to promote your content. This method solely encourages others to share your content with their followers. Tagging lets you talk about someone in your posts and instantly opens a good opportunity to let them know that they have been featured in a given piece of content. Additionally adding a hashtag on your social media posts can significantly result in increased amplification. It also makes it much easier for people in your targeted audience to follow you.

  1. Use your audience

Probably one of the easiest ways to get your content around is by asking your audience to share it. However, it does not start there.  You need to curate content that adds value to the audience. Additionally, you need to engage with them regularly. Ask your audience questions at the end of each content post you publish to welcome their feedback and increase engagement. Include a short call to action and include social media sharing options to attain a desirable amount of content amplification.

  1.  Focus on your audience

The best way to build trust and loyalty with your audience is to shift focus to them. This might mean that you create content that is of value, one that answers their questions and meets their needs. Being focused on your audience is also about having ideas when they hang out and where. Additionally, know-how they consume content so that you can know the best way to serve it to them.

Your content and call to action should be unique depending on the devices that your target audience uses. This is an important factor to consider so that you are able to provide your content users with an excellent experience.

Another aspect to look into is what motivates your audience to consume your content. Finding what people love and amplifying it is the most effortless way to grow your business within a short time. The best way to do this is to monitor your click-through trends and participation with the content. The secret to reaching out to more people in your targeted audience is to give them what they want.

For you to know what topics your audience best engage with, you will have to conduct several tests. Changing the content structure, title and tone at different times will help you determine the type of content that best attracts your audience. It is easy to generate curated content when you know exactly who you are addressing and targeting.

  1.  Join relevant niche communities

There are several powerful niche communities out there.  You will have to determine your business goals to choose the ones that are in line with such goals.

Most of the niche communities focus on becoming an important and trusted member of the community that is relevant to your business. Getting involved in conversations is one way of creating a buzz around your relevant content.

Niche communities such as Quora and Reddit let you post relevant links that are kind of valuable to people.  You will need to answer questions and start discussions to build a name for your business in such communities. It is the only way that most members will get to share your content.

  1.  Add promotion messages and social buttons to your content

Another simple way to amplify your content is by adding social shares on your website. You can also include a website pop up with an incentive as a promotion message. Social buttons should be added to every content on your site irrespective of the content amplification method you choose to go by. As for your pop message, you have to remember to make certain that

  • It has a strong call to action
  • It does not intrude
  • It fits perfectly well with your brand colors and design
  • It offers value to the user
  • It is attractive enough to lead to the intended action
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