An algorithm is a complex set of programmed and automated commands which can be in many different adaptive forms to collect learned data. Coding for algorithms often ranges between sequencing, branching, and looping formats which is the setup to data collection that allows all social media apps, search engines, and much more advanced technology to grow and provide personalized results for querents. 

Fun Facts About Algorithms:

  • Do you ever watch the suggested videos on YouTube and notice that the suggested content gets longer and longer as you watch more? Then you are part of the 81% of YouTube viewers who experience the secret effects of an elaborate and well-targeted algorithm. 
  • 74% of people literally don’t know how their Facebook algorithm knows what to show them… kinda crazy right? This shows just how complex even a common algorithm is to the average user. 
  • The second emotion algorithms induce on social media after amusement, is notoriously content meant to trigger anger, since this leads to longer usage time, and more activity.

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