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Why Creators?

Have you ever thought about implementing nano-influencer marketing into your digital marketing strategy? What could go wrong, right? High-quality low-budget traffic source you can’t afford yourself to lose!

But, wait!

  • How will you find those nano-influencers?
  • Wouldn’t it take you an internity to do it?
  • What are the opportunity costs?
  • How will you be reaching out to them?

Don’t rush to throw your brilliant idea into the bin. We go your perfect solution.

Creators by Viral Mango connects brands like yours to a handpicked selection from over 10000 creators that are prescreened and ready for action.

Do you really need nano influencers?

The short answer is “Yes!” The long answer is “Yes, and here’s why:

You wouldn’t limit yourself from any effective marketing technique. Nano influencers have a much closer relationship with their followers which means they are seen as a more reliable source for getting advice and recommendations.

With enough volume of a nano influencer campaign, you can have a higher ROI reaching more potential customers.

Investing early in a rising star would form a deeper relationship with them later when they shine brighter.

How Does it Work?

Every 2 weeks our registered list of creators receive collaboration opportunities handpicked for them considering their niche and interests and they apply to the one(s) they’re interested in.

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