Author: Sona Madoyan

Sona began her dive into the Digital Marketing world in 2017 and since then has gone out to make a name for herself as Queen of Influencer Marketing Partnerships. Within her first year she created case studies of brands whose success laid in Influencer Marketing.

This experience led her to successfully get 40+ brands to take their first steps in Influencer Marketing by pairing them with the right influencers and using unorthodox promotion techniques.

The strategy that Sona is most proud of is setting a long-term collaboration with the same influencer but changing the angles and approaches of product presentation and content type.

Sona has collaborated with hundreds of influencers in different sizes and niches, from nano influencers to celebrities, from pet influencers to travelers, from TikTok rising stars to Top YouTubers.

The three things Sona loves the most are coffee, the morning work rush and digging deep into people’s psychology. The reason she is so into Influencer Marketing, is the challenge in influencing peoples’ minds and decisions.

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