Author: Naré Harutyunian

Since Naré started her career in influencer marketing in 2018, it has become the biggest part of her life and now, she is more than happy to share her experience with you via Viral Mango.

She loves the new worlds she gets to explore, and enjoys seeing the impact influencers have on brands. She has worked with hundreds of influencers from different niches and from different platforms from Instagram to Pinterest.

Her proudest achievement so far was cementing a strong bond between influencers and 20+ brands. She knows firsthand how difficult it was fostering a relationship between brands and influencers so she is more than willing to give you pointers.

During her journey, she has discovered her favorite niche - mom and fitness bloggers. Naré was very inspired and knows that someday they will inspire her to create her own blog.
Follow her to discover the adventurous world of influencers and her own journey to becoming an influencer.

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