Author: Anahit Avetisyan

Anahit took her first steps in marketing back in 2016 by taking over the influencer marketing processes for the most-backed pet crowdfunding campaign Bristly. It instantly became a sensation over different social platforms generating 20K+ hashtags in total.

Since then, Influencer Marketing has become her passion, and moving forward with that direction is all she wanted.Throughout the past 5 years, Anahit has led successful collaborations with 30+ brands and companies. She helped each of them to reach their ultimate success across social media platforms by showing an individual and creative approach.

Anahit is more than happy to share with you tips and tricks on how to understand your product and what approaches to use to maximize your marketing campaign.

If there is one thing Anahit cares about its dogs. Being a dog mom herself, she is always following what is trending in the world of pets.

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